May 14, 2014~ Happy Full Moon / Card for the Day

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Today, the moon is in the  Sun sign Scorpio. Scorpios are slow to anger, yet when their cup is full of bullshit, watch your  your back, not your front! Scorpions are very sneaky and is ruled by the destructive planet Pluto. Scorpios can be seen in relation to a volcano. Their emotions run so deep, but you never see it until you are covered in lava…lol

The new moon was in Taurus, which rules money, beauty and sex. So this full moon is a culmination of things and situations regarding these issues.

The full moon is a time when events come to a head or fruition. It’s a time of illumination.

Interesting. You see my very first post? Well the reason I wrote the post initially was to get a quarter for my efforts from the gift card website. I was getting pissed with customer service because I was getting the runaround regarding my frozen money ($45). I was irate, and wrote a shitty post not only here, but on Facebook, the website’s chat room, and CSR directly.

Then it hit me. I have my own blog! Wow! I have been wanting to start a blog, and out of anger, I ended up starting another gig! Go me!

So out of anger and frustration, things can turn out beautifully for you. Trust the Universal flow.

~On to the Card of the Day~

I am actually pulling two cards today in honor of Lady Moon. The cards are being pulled from the Angel Tarot deck and The Enchanted Map deck.


ACE OF AIR IMG_20140514_053439

How ironic we get these two cards to meditate on for the full moon.

These cards suggest that that there is a decision to be made. In some cases, the decision has already been made. The decision is in regard to how you communicate with others, who you communicate with, starting a blog (hehe), a new job, a new friendship/partnership, etc.

So if you were on the fence about what to do with a situation in your life, you are right. Trust your gut and go for it. It’s a time of fresh starts and beginnings. The choice is yours…I feel you have chosen wisely. Enjoy your week!


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