Southern Belle in Los Angeles

I’m so excited to share my world with…the world.

My name is Celestewriter.

Some people know me as Goddess Sunni Daye. It’s complicated. That’s why I have my blog, so we can figure myself out together.

Let’s start with Celestewriter:

She’s an introverted, intelligent, earth-loving woman with endless curiosity. Having many talents, including writing, she decided to see if she can capitalize on her skills in the big city. Still waiting…

Fresh out of a bad relationship in which she had lots of repressed anger and sexual energy (the ex was a bad fuck to say the least), Goddess Sunni Daye started a fetish clip store, Sunni Daye’s Webcam Experience so that she could have a creative outlet for Celestewriter, who hasn’t sold her screenplay yet.
Not to be confused with this Sunni Daye (, Goddess Sunni Daye is a strong, powerful, intimidating woman. She loves to have men worship her from crown to feet, with special emphasis on her feet. She also does mostly everything legally, as she is a law abiding citizen of the USA.

Goddess Sunni Daye does the spiritual counseling, which includes tarot and astrology readings for her friends and fans. She also loves to berate and smother them… 😉

Who knew that spirituality, logic, intelligence and sexuality could mix so well?

It does, and I will show you how in the pages of my blog. I have to do all of the work, as Goddess refuses to life a freakin’ finger. She has a Napoleon complex, and though she’s nearly little people height, she tends to look down on those who don’t have her morals or intellectual capacity.

Don’t mind her.

I look forward to sharing my life journey with you all.

Let’s make it a fun journey!




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