Black Problems

Black Love. Is it dead? Is it a Little Death?

The trend over the last several years have made me see black relations, not love relationships, but just relating to one another…a bit differently.

It seems as if there’s been some repressed anger between the sexes. Black women (generally speaking) feel that they are and always be the head of households. No need for a man, as they will end up hurt…or taking care of that nigga. Their quiet protest is rarely seen or heard in the public eye. 

Black men (generally speaking) are seen and heard publicly discussing their discuss with black women (their mothers) and how bad they are, how strong they are, how rude and angry they are, etc. They would tell the world that they hate their mothers…in front of non-blacks! I’ve seen it myself…with me being the black woman.

I’d walk by a black guy who is with someone who is non-black, and he would say derogatory words about me without knowing me. He would be angry with me for being black. Ain’t this some shit?

How many times have you heard a black guy praise a white woman, or tell anyone with ears, ‘I need a white girl.’?

Why does that nigga need a white girl? I think I figured it out, but I will also pull some cards to confirm.

I feel that the reason is because both the ‘white girl’ and the nigga were not heads of households. Both were taught to listen and do what was told by the opposite sex at home. Therefore both are submissive. So they click better. Sex is great, as well.

I feel that the black guy feels validated as a man with a white woman because she will do what he wants. Things that, in a black woman’s mind would be considered foolish and unnecessary.

The feeling of being the head of the relationship drives the black man so crazy that he will profess his love for his white queen by denouncing his own mother…the black woman. These guys are so disrespectful to their own women when in an interracial relationship, that it makes me wonder if that’s a condition of the relationship.

I see black women in interracial relationships, but they are polite to black men and women…babies, dogs and cats. it’s weird.

A black woman in a relationship with a non-black man is not so angry. She’s happy with herself. She has SELF esteem and has no need to prove anything. I mean, she watched her mother run the household.

So my question is: What is wrong with the black man? I know I am be discriminatory, but I love to keep it real. Niggas be tripping on black women, yet black women are doing so well…all alone. How are the fellas faring with all of that self-hatred?


1 Why do negative black men disrespect Black women? 5 of wands

2 Why do Black men feel victimized? 9 of swords

3 How are Black faring as a result of the black man’s behavior? Dreamer (Fool)

4 Are Black men suffering from the lack of love for Black women? Empress

5 What advice to give Black men? Hanged Man, Two of wands, King of Wands


Whew! I kinda figured that…

To sum up this reading,

1 There’s a blatantly hateful and competitive energy going on with them. They feel that they need to be the ones who are revered. Remember a few years ago, like 2006-2007 when the media made black men sex symbols. They took it and ran with it. BBC, anyone? Who doesn’t want black dick. Who wants a black brain?

2 They worry about their men being intellectually competent, as the world knows them for their dick, but when it comes to intellectual stimulation…meh.

3 They are damn fools. Next question.

4 They are calling other races of women their queens, and they know it is unnatural. They want black love so badly…they want that black mother, black queen…but she needs to tan first.

5 These guys need to sit still and and get down tot he root of their issues with their mothers. No one told them to start the trend of leaving black women alone to raise their sons. Those chicks have gone mad! All those niggas in the house…but no man. Resentment is a huge problem for Black women. Why do these guys play with my emotions, get me pregnant ( which, by the way, niggas have come up with an excuse of conceiving and leaving: she should use birth control. Condoms only prevent pregnancy, not HIV and syphilis) and then I have to raise these kids alone. And I get laughed at by black men, who are subconsciously these boys role models . Black men need to understand their role in this self destructive behavior in the community. No one holds them accountable because they have big dicks, I guess.

Black men need to think with the other head and realize what manhood is, and take on that role. Black women are tired of having to have balls and breasts. And you wonder why they call everybody bitch.

Of course we have bad attitudes. Wouldn’t you if your own kind tells everyone how horrible you are and how bad of a single mother you are?





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