Sunni Daye’s Webcam Experience


My introduction to fetish clips was by accident. I’d lived with a fetish porn producer who made clips featuring black women dominating white guys. It was different to see this type of porn being produced, as I always see the woman in the submissive position in porn. This porn had lots of kinky acts in it, such as feet fetish, smothering, body worship, etc. 

I enjoyed watching, and evening filming some of the clips that he produced. The girls were fun and it was a different experience for me. When I left Cali for Las Vegas last year, I started to do webcam work and opened a store on (68329 😉 ) and began a journey of sexual expression. My sex life wasn’t so great before doing this kind of work, so it was fun to be online chatting with guys and getting paid to masturbate for them. Sometimes I would get paid to order pizza!


Then I decided to go a bit further and try out femdom work. That’s what I depicted in my videos, so I may as well do it in real life.

That worked right away, and I began to add that of things to do as far as sex work was concerned. I didn’t feel comfortable wanting to put ads online advertising my vagina, but I felt it would be safer to say that you could play with my feet and get spanked. Being called Goddess is great perk to the gig as well!
The website I have my store on just happened to be promoting its site at the AVN convention in Las Vegas. I asked to go. I got in.


The convention was pretty cool. Porn stars, strippers, fans and Jesus were all hanging out at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel and I was in the mix as an exhibitor.

I’m kinda perturbed that I couldn’t get work as a real porn star. They said I was too fat when I sent out applications for porn work to porn producers from a sex job site. It was nice to meet some hot and sexy BBC actresses at my booth nonetheless…I chatted with a few people there, but didn’t make any connections. The porn crowd is kinda familiar to me, as when I was a teenager, I wanted to work in the sex industry, as a pimp. I learned about sex early by choice, and knew that I had evolved sexually when I went to the AVN.

bannerfotoThe fetish BDSM group was similar. I’d worked independently initially without knowing anyone in the community. I wanted to make friends, so I began to socialize with some people from munches (meeting+lunch). Somehow that was a bad idea, as it was difficult to make friends. I also found out that a group of chick from a dungeon didn’t say kind things about me after I reached out to attend a party. I had nothing but good things to say about them, but broads will be broads, I guess.

Then all of a sudden, I stopped getting clients. It wasn’t so shocking, as I read my cards a lot, I just didn’t know how the 7 of swords was playing out in my life.

Needless to say I made some people jealous because i’m so fucking awesome, and not friends with the fetish BDSM community.

These events made me realize how much I have healed myself. I feel that it is the wounds that these people have prevent me from connecting with them. Some people can have wounds so long, that they become apart of them, and their life is built around those wounds. We attract people who are wounded like us, so we can cope. When a healer comes on the block, they begin to see their wounds, and it can be uncomfortable. I don’t blame them. I congratulate me, however.

I have to blaze my own trail, which has been made easier, since everyone decided to make me the center of attention.

I guess everything happens for a reason, as I saw that it was a fun gig for me, but perhaps not a career. I still like being called Goddess, but for reasons that resonate with who I really am.

I love being of help in spiritual matters, like what should you do with the girlfriend who you keep calling it on and off with? Is it worth it? What about your job situation? Is it really for you, or should you find something more fulfilling?

I like helping like that, as I know there’s a shortage of good human beings for reason…why is everyone calling themselves terrible and horrible? lol

I’m a happy-go-lucky free spirit who likes to excavate life’s wonders. Writing helps with this need to share, as sharing is caring.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know who Goddess Sunni Daye was in case you saw a pussy pic online ( not vine…you can’t charge). It’s a gig, and I like having fans.

Snapshot 8 (12-1-2013 3-57 PM)

Have a Sunni Daye!






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