Single Parent Families and Pimps

This post can be considered a continuation of my post, ‘Black Problems’ only because of the alarming amount of single parent households in the community, as well as the way those in abject poverty hustle, or make their money. *I cannot speak on any other culture, because I am ignorant as to what they do.*

Since the days of blaxploitation films, the trend in the black community has been similar to that which we see in those movies: pimps, hoes and drug dealers.

How does fiction become reality? Is it strategic? Why is illegal activity so cool to those living well below the poverty line?

Well, I have some ideas.

It starts with the family structure. I am only 30, but for as long as I can remember, the black community in general has been on the low end of the totem pole when it came to healthy communities and strong familial bonds. ( I will speak on familial bonds later, btw.) Business growth is a joke, because the communities aren’t conducive to prosperity. Love ain’t there, either.

From the time of the Black Power movement, which to me seemed like a joke, since the only thing that can be said about that movement is that drugs became prevalent in the black community, black women said no more dishes, and became feminists, and fast money was/is a was the way to a better future…in the ghetto…there has been a disconnect and inability to communicate properly with the opposite sex. The man wants to be the head, the woman wants equality, and there’s no middle ground.

The solution? Go separate ways and let God sort things out.

How did things turn out because of that decision? Well, let’s look at the present:

For Black men, they have become used to not having responsibility in the household. It’s okay to hump and dump…then brag about it to his friends on how much of a whore he just had sex with…and possibly impregnated. It’s okay for a Black man o degrade a Black woman, because that is what he grew up hearing while around his female relatives. They call each other the same names that men do…but it’s more complimentary than anything. Black men with no father figure look to media for what a man is. Sadly, it backfires, as all he sees is what is in his neighborhood…dope boys getting money, pimping hoes. There’s quite a few songs about it by Black men, who probably didn’t have fathers either and had the same street role models. They know that in order to get a girl, he has to look and smell good. No need for intelligence…that’s not hot.

For Black women, it has become the norm to accept less than other women expect and receive. It’s okay to be called a wifey, baby mama, bitch, ho and other derogatory ‘compliments’.It’s fine to be called these things because that is what they call each other and has become a term of endearment. I can say to a hooker, ‘Hey Ho!’ and get greeted back…with a smile. They find it fine to embody those words. Get fly and spend tons of money on the outer appearance, neglecting the inner self.
nowadays you see the popular trend of strippers and hookers in the mainstream being treated like royalty, and it becomes fascinating. I, for one, felt it would be appropriate to have a pussy pic online. I have stay up with the times, ya know?


As for the title of my post, I feel that it has been a strategy for both sexes to exploit themselves, starting at birth.

Single parents get welfare. More kids, more benefits.

Children of these families seek out the sex that is missing. It’s usually the Black man who has more nuts to bust, and nor responsibility for his seeds. It’s not his problem to raise a child…only make them.The Black male adult who is in the same community as these single parents see the children as cash cows, finding ways to play on these kids insecurities. The boys look up to them because the man is a reflection of who is to become, so he must have guidance for him, right? Maybe…maybe not. If so, dreams of being dope boys and gang members wouldn’t be aspirations for these children. Sports is the ONLY way out, according to their mentors.

Girls without daddies? Daddy is another word for pimp for these lost girls. Pimp is another word for Daddy. These male and female ‘mentors’ in the black community don’t love these children. They make money off of them. They are trained until they know that they should never be broke because there’s a pussy between their legs. The boys are trained to never love a bitch. She is beneath him.

Women who are exploited learn that to be loyal to their predator, pimp, they must make lots of money for him. Tattoo his name on them so they know it’s real.

The only reason these kids stay is because they feel that they are loved. Whoever raising them is not loving them, because they lack self-love and work too much to care for them. The kids are who they turn to when they are frustrated and angry. Who else to take it out on than little people?

The community is in dire need of salvation, but no is available to help them out. The one’s closest to them, enable them to continue the cycle.

How does the Black community save itself from tattoos, pimps and single family households?


2 thoughts on “Single Parent Families and Pimps

  1. I lived in the ghetto in south Houston for 3 years, and there where plenty of things that line up with what you are saying that I would see often that I used to think where only lies. It would make me sad to see a mother with her 5 or 6 year old son in jack in the box and she got mad because he asked her for fries. She scolded him for asking, or when I worked at a portrait studio owned by black men who would have conversations about needing to have several women “in the works” at once so you would always have a backup plan, and they would talk about it like it was normal. There was so much anger and hate in the ghetto, and few people seemed to understand that it does no good to hold onto those feelings.

    I lived with a black man for 2 years who was raised by a loving family and there was a world of difference in his behavior. I still think of him as one of the closest friends I have ever had to this day.


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