There are so many children in foster homes, behavioral centers, group homes, alternative schools. Society shun these children and call them throwaways. How disheartening. It is amazing how twisted society is to think that children who are abused and neglected are throwaways. They aren’t. Theses children are abused and neglected. How can you make the victim the culprit? How can one sit and make a child, who later becomes an adult, feel like he/she has done something wrong?

It’s an insult to say that a runaway is/was a throwaway. Families aren’t perfect, and families tend to have that black sheep running around. The black sheep is an interesting character. He/she tends to do appalling things like think for themselves and choose to know more that was told/taught to them. They are considered rebels, and an embarrassment to their families because they don’t go along to get along… probably because they couldn’t fathom respecting or obeying someone who had bad character traits.

Authority figures in general are seen as people who you have to listen to and abide by because of age, responsibility, etc. When children who grow up in abusive homes get older, they see that they cannot respect authority. They see the title as a facade, as some adults haven’t reached the actual maturity level to be role models. They are just older and yell and do despicable things when they are behind closed doors to the defenseless. The outside seems them when they have one their work uniforms and every day facade.

Throwaway is a word that is a is used as a tool to project onto the black sheep or victim that they must conform in order to have a lot in society. Otherwise, you don’t get the pleasure of de-individualizing and conforming to a world that is crazy. They must find themselves and make sense of the fact that they have been set apart from the rest and must learn to deal with it.

These black sheep can go about it in a few ways, some self-destructive, some constructive. Emotions can overtake an individual and make them feel that what the authority figures say to them are true, so they mus live their lives accordingly. Others seem to think that those figures are a joke, and see to it that they are better, wiser, stronger and ethical than the authority they see before them. They strive to have a good name and to heal any emotional wounds, so they can help someone later on down the line when it is called for. Their strength is what made the black sheep into something only God can name.



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