Happy New Moon in Gemini ~ May 28, 2014

Hello. How are you? Are things going well you way?

Communication is the key to the New Moon in Gemini. Lots of thinking and decisions to be made during this time. This is also a good time to start anything that involves communicating with others, like a book, website, etc. I, for one have just added my website to a few search engines. This should be good for the next month, as far as reaching new readers.

As with all beginnings, this is a time to plant a seed, then nurture it. See how it grows in the following two weeks.

Here is the spiritual guidance from my oracle/tarot cards:


1 Past – Rescue

2 Present- Knight Of Air

3 What You Resist – Eight of Fire

4 Unexpected Help – Three of Earth

5 What to Do – Five of Fire

6 Outcome – Follow the Leader


In the days before this New Moon, the Universe opened your eyes to a situation to see what was real and what was false. Now that you have that new perspective, you can go forward with confidence. I feel that I am right about people starting new things regarding communication and publishing. It’s a good time for this venture.  Put actions behind your thoughts, though it is something you resist. Though you are venturing into competitive ground, go for it! You are being led along this path. Have faith in yourself.

** I got a jumping card while shuffling. It is the SUN. Go for it, seriously. The Sun is shining on you, and the outcome is glorious!





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