New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27, 2014

How ironic is it that I write a post about pregnancy and mothers on the eve of this New Moon? This moon is in Cancer, which rules home, mother and family.

I wasn’t thinking about what sign the moon was in while writing, it was just in sync with the Universe. Astrology is amazing. I taught myself how to read my birth chart about a decade ago, and I find it to be a great map for your quest.  Continue reading


Birthing Babies…Love

The year was 2002. I was 17 years old, and hanging out with my friend girl and  I told her that I’d just found out that I was pregnant. She choked on the blunt. She said to me, ” Bitch, go get an abortion. I’m trying to tell you it’s better for you. Don’t have that baby!.”

I told both my sister and aunt that I was pregnant and both of them said that I should get an abortion. My aunt told me to get the abortion and join the military. I told her that I would be chapped out of the military due to my rebellious attitude. My sister insisted that I call the abortion clinic to get the procedure done.

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Pluto-Grow or Die

The evolution is here!

Time to grow now, because haste makes waste!

Let’s turn the story into our story. It’s my generation

and I have the right to …grow or die.

Live life to the fullest but don’t forget to

give reverence to the Most High. I can stay high…

so high, with he Most High on my side.

Grow or die. No regrets. Break the cycle.

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Friday 13, 2014

Happy Full Moon, readers! It’s not so bad, actually. I feel great anyway…

This month’s full moon is in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and so much fun! I love Sagittarians for their sense of humor and expertise in having fun. They’re the perfect people to party with, as with all fire signs. Continue reading


I dislike being in the same space for months and years at a time. I have to get away sometimes from my neighborhood, and see new faces and places.

In Texas, I dropped out of college and set up shop in my good friend’s bathroom (my loft) to write a screenplay. I learned nothing in college besides how to Google for answers to my questions.  One answer that got me going was the steps to write a screenplay, so I asked my friend if it would be okay to pack up my stuff and head out to East Texas and write. He obliged. Continue reading