Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Friday 13, 2014

Happy Full Moon, readers! It’s not so bad, actually. I feel great anyway…

This month’s full moon is in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and so much fun! I love Sagittarians for their sense of humor and expertise in having fun. They’re the perfect people to party with, as with all fire signs.

As with all full moons, this is a time of heightened emotions and hormones. Essentially, if you aren’t channeling your energy effectively or are on the wrong track, there may be lots of fighting and fucking going on. Learn meditation. Email me for a reading…whatever it takes for you to get your mind right and have more peaceful full moon periods. I can help. Beware: I am curt. I tell it like it is. No B.S.

Make sure to make room for what you want to manifest this cycle by removing from your life what is no longer needed or wanted. If you are struggling with inner happiness, let go of the idea that your happiness will come from without. It only comes from within.

The full moon falls on Friday the 13th…the scariest combination of day a date…to date. The next Friday the 13th won’t happen until the day before Valentine’s Day next year. If you’re superstitious about the number 13, just make sure you have a good boy/girlfriend around that time. (This is my attempt at being funny, a Sagittarius trait. lol)

I want to keep this reading short and sweet, as this full moon is full of fun energy and kinda lighthearted.

Here we go!


1 Past

2 Present

3 What You Resist

4 Unexpected help

5 Next Best Action

6 Outcome

This spread is repeating what I said above. Through your perseverance and ability to keep going for you ambitions, you are now waiting for the results from your efforts. It seems that whatever you are holding on to is holding you back from fully enjoying the life that you seek. The blessing of all of what’s going on is the fact that you are not afraid of taking risks, and starting over if necessary. Keep up your positive thinking and your ideals. They will bring you through it all, and you will see happiness come into your life…through your thoughts.

In work/career related issues, this reading is telling you to let go of what you thought you were, and embrace the newness that you are creating in your life. You made the decision to be happy with yourself and to be a more authentic  version of yourself, so keep it up and know that your thinking is on track. You will be happy with your decision.

In love/romance, this reading is telling you that you have not given up on love, and are currently waiting on love. Let go of the old version of what you have known love to be, and start to embrace the idealistic version of love you seek. If you want that guy or gal, be assertive and tell them that you want them. I did…still waiting on the verdict on that. I hope he likes me back! 😉 Love is there for the taking.


Goddess bless you guys!

P.S.- I was serious about you contacting me for readings. I won’t take your arm or leg, but I will give you great insight and be helpful to you. Just contact me on Twitter or Facebook.






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