The World is My Home ~ Drifter’s Anthem

Been drifting for about six months now

With nowhere to go

Toting my luggage with me, trying to find out how

I will make it out here alone, just roaming

With nowhere to go

No one to help me, instead telling me to get a ‘job’

I tell them that you can’t get a job without a home

besides, they see too much potential in me to help me

make it on my own, so I just stay alone, on my own

in the world

The wold is my home; made me see my reality

Provided me a place to stay, a place to play

Refined my heart so I could remain me

Been drifting for over a year now, with so many lessons learned

No more luggage; just a notebook now

With all the lessons learned from my trials

I understood what was going on. Just let it be

Even through all of the bullshit, i’m still me!


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