New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27, 2014

How ironic is it that I write a post about pregnancy and mothers on the eve of this New Moon? This moon is in Cancer, which rules home, mother and family.

I wasn’t thinking about what sign the moon was in while writing, it was just in sync with the Universe. Astrology is amazing. I taught myself how to read my birth chart about a decade ago, and I find it to be a great map for your quest. 

This New Moon is bringing up home family and mother/women issues.

I personally experienced this in different ways this week:

1. I had a home related issue that I needed to take care of. It was a pressing issue that needed to be addressed.

2. I felt shunned by a couple of Black women online when issues relating to Black women came up. The first one was about the Aaliyah biopic. I was surprised that the women were so angry that a bi-racial woman was cast to play her. They totally forgot about who was being portrayed: a black woman. The epic light skin/dark skin debate came up and I asked what the fuss was all about. I asked what would please them? I got blocked.

The second incident was on a forum discussion about strong powerful black women. I started a discussion and asked if this group was a reality or just for online fun. The moderators replied with a long, drawn out ‘no’, and ended the discussion. No one was allowed to post to my discussion after that. Then yesterday, I wanted to share my new blog post with the group and discovered that I had been banned from the group.

I was appalled at these women. It’s as if black women’s opinions can’t differ. They seem to be the ones covering up all of the bullshit going on in the black community. When light shines, they try to darken it, yet are portraying feminism online.


So now I must figure out my issues with black women.

I am not sure if I want to. I have other things to deal with than figuring out how to please women that can’t be pleased. I lack the anger to mesh. I’ll just work on being a better woman myself…

Thanks @KolaBoof and @MistressCnLA for inspiring my new moon in Cancer issues to show themselves!


Hopefully you guys get the gist of where I am going with the New Moon in Cancer. How is it playing out tin your life?

Mercury is retrograde, so you may be thinking about how the past links up to the present.

Here is the card reading for this new moon:


This is a spread using the Enchanted map oracle card deck by Colleen Barin-Reid. I love the graphics.

The spread is really linking us back to the past, where all the issues began…Cancer does like to cling to the past. This is lending a hand to your present hurt and disappointment. What we resist is looking back to the root of the problem and finding the lesson. Prayer helps us to find the lesson as we become conscious of the past conditions, people and attitudes that show up in our present life. To heal from those wounds, it takes spiritual understanding. Pray.


The conclusion does not come fast, it takes some digging down and really pondering what it is that is bothering you. Other parties may be stuck, as well.


Happy New Moon!!




One thought on “New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27, 2014

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