heart1-111413-1690     Is it me, or does it seem that the lonelier or emptier you feel, you need to fuck? You’re still empty, but you seem to think that having someone to be intimate will make it better, but it never does? Continue reading


Sad Reality in a Dream

I have vivid dreams…some help me to navigate my personal life, while others show me a reality that I couldn’t understand in a linear sense.

This morning, I dreamt of these things:

A big black nipple

Black people in my dreams…don’t know them in real life


A baby in a carriage that was hauled off to Watts and abandoned…

A school bus full of black people and a school that looked like my middle school.

Me making a phone call to a guy in Watts, only to get the voicemail…which had a woman speaking. Continue reading

New Moon in Leo ~ July 26, 2014

This New Moon comes just as Congress has made it known that they would like to impeach President Barack Obama from office. Interestingly enough, the President is a Leo, and this is the New Moon in Leo. With Venus and Mercury in the 12th house in our nation’s birth chart, there were secret talks about the value of our president to our country. Continue reading

Comfort Women of the Japanese Military


As I was taking a stroll through my city one weekend afternoon, I stumbled upon this monument above. It piqued my interest as the statue was of a little girl sitting in a chair, and an empty chair next to her with flowers and a wreath on it. Continue reading

Erotic Literature ~ Auto-eroticism

As a child, I grew up around books. There were Encyclopedias and Childcraft books on my bookshelf at home. I started to read at an early age, and have always been fascinated with words, and how they become pictures in my mind. Reading can be a great way to escape to another place while sitting in one place.

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Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 12, 2014

Well now. This full moon is stern, isn’t it. How are your emotions going? are you more pessimistic than usual? Do you want to figure out why your life your life is the way it is? Impatient much? Is your career in a flux and you want to know when things will balance themselves out? Get ready for guidance in the next two weeks, as this full moon will shed light on this area in your life. Continue reading

Happy Independence Day!




Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!