Fetish Work and the Crazies

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. A writer who’s work reached many and inspired others…making myself valuable via my communication style.

I NEVER thought that I would do fetish work for money. I never thought that I would call myself Goddess.

The truth is, fetish work was my way to prevent losing my apartment. I started out as an independent contractor, then when I had to take over rent, a light bulb went off in my head, and I decided to put what I learned living with a fetish porn director to use, so I started fetish work as a female dominant. I made my rent in less than three weeks! No one knew me, but they came to me…


Before that all happened, I had an interest in meeting a dominant play partner. I wanted a situation that was like domestic discipline. I learned about this lifestyle via an ex boyfriend, who wasn’t in the lifestyle, he was just into domestic discipline. I tried searching for over a year to no avail. The black guys wanted white women, and I wanted to be topped by a black guy. It was the weirdest racism ever. I do better with keeping it vanilla with black guys because something happens when they delve into lifestyle… or maybe they aren’t for me, as my first experience with BDSM was with my Caucasian ex boyfriend.

Anyway, when I had clients, they would come to me for various reasons: feet fetish, ass or body worship, golden showers, etc.


These people seem normal, but if I say the right words to them, I can send them into a frenzy. For example, this one guy liked scat. He came to me and wanted a session. When we talked over the phone, I remember mentioning that I was able to take a huge shit on him, and he started to breathe heavily and it seemed like I had began to have phone sex with him he was so hot and heavy.

I had a chaste slave once. He was okay. I made him withdraw money from the ATM to give me on top of my normal fee. He gave me the keys to his chastity belt, but I got upset with him after a couple of weeks with bad communication. I told him that I was throwing those keys unless he gave bought them back. I threw them away, but less than a couple of weeks later, I find the keys, that I threw away in a big dumpster, on my stairwwell. He was a crazie.

I did a couple of scenes with a guy who called me beforehand and told me that he was just getting out of the shower and would be at my place soon. When he arrived and got undressed, the bottom of his feet were black from all of the dirt caked on them. I figured that the situation could turn for the worse, so I did the scenes and let him go on his merry way.

Strange people.

In the ‘sex’ industry, there are tons of risks, including getting hurt by a client physically. I have had a client break my screen on my window because he wanted his cell phone and he left it in my place. I told him to hold on and tried to close the front door, which he was trying to barge into…I ran and got the phone and tried to squeeze it through the window screen. He broke it and said how bad he wanted to kill me. I still placed an ad the next day for business.

Let’s not forget the guy who came over for a session, said never mind and gave me $20. He just wanted to know my address. As he walked out of my apartment, I noticed scissors in his waistband. I told him I didn’t give a damn about scissors.

I have received many weird phone calls from crazies since I started doing fetish work. Some phone calls would start as early as 5 in the morning and as late as 2am. These guys don’t want a session, they just found my number on a fetish work website, and call to harass me. I think a couple of the guys were slave spies for their mistresses, but there’s not fact to it other than a guy calling and telling me that he was calling for his Mistress.

Thank God I changed my phone number.

I am no longer doing fetish work, and I am glad I cannot be associated with that group, but I have to share my experiences with the group in LA that I crossed paths with. Hopefully not all fetish people are this throwed off. I will stick with the vanilla and incorporate kink as needed. There’s no need to make a lifestyle out of a fantasy.




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