The Trouble With Being Alone in the World…

…is that it becomes a preferable circumstance.

All those days, weeks and months spent alone can become a form of comfort, and when a person comes into the world that I built up for myself, I get uncomfortable…

What is it that this person wants from me? Who are you? Who sent you? What?!

These are questions that pop in my head when I am in a situation where I allow someone to get close to me. I am not one to become emotionally attached to others easily. I like to keep my distance from others…to self-preserve.

I’m not sure how my path has led me to work with people. This may be a challenge to overcome. Thank God for the Internet! I can connect with others effortlessly without getting entangled in their life and emotions. This allows me to save myself…for myself, since I have cultivated such an awesome woman in my alone time…no one has tainted my perception of life except me. I tend to feel that people should be kind, helpful and respectful to others; mature and wise adults. It’s logic, right? Well, when it doesn’t happen so often I tend to lose faith in society and wonder where the hell this world is going.

When I read my post, ‘Idiocracy: Part Tu (You)…I realize that I am writing about the reality that I see around me, and it makes me want to hop a train to Oregon to be with nature, not people.

This is the perception of life through my loner eyes: If people learned to love being alone, they could get better by working on themselves. They could pray less for other’s and more for themselves.

Alone-ness isn’t that bad, especially when being around groups of people make you want to go hug a tree instead.




One thought on “The Trouble With Being Alone in the World…

  1. It’s comforting to find that i’m not the only one that feels this way. (even though i’m a white man). I work in a hospital and find the people there draining my hope for humanity. I feel like I need every second when i’m off to recharge, and I enjoy nothing more than hiking in the woods far from the sounds of mankind. There are good people out there. (you appear to be one of them). If only we were not so wore out from all the others we might find each other more often.

    I normally don’t respond to these kinds of things, but its hard to pass up a mind like yours


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