Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 12, 2014

Well now. This full moon is stern, isn’t it. How are your emotions going? are you more pessimistic than usual? Do you want to figure out why your life your life is the way it is? Impatient much? Is your career in a flux and you want to know when things will balance themselves out? Get ready for guidance in the next two weeks, as this full moon will shed light on this area in your life.

Capricorn is the achiever in life. He/she wants to succeed in life by any means. For us, we are feeling an emotional need to be successful in life. The fact that we are not there yet is depressing. Pessimism kicks in and we are set off on an emotional rollercoaster and mad at God for not being quick enough. The tarot card for Capricorn is The Devil, so this pessimism can lead us down a road of excess if not in control of our emotions.
Pluto is in the mix, conjunct the full moon, and will have a transformative effect on you, so look for synchronicity to occur in your life.
Wherever Saturn is transiting in your chart look to see a connect to your career.

With Venus in Gemini, it’s a good idea to be social and connect with others often during this period.

For some reason, women are involved in this…possibly in a business sense. They can change your life. Good luck!
Also, I wanted to note that Capricorn rules those in authority and business. Have you noticed some nefarious business practices lately? How about about bad business people? Well, it’s their time to shine! The full moon illuminates these people for who they are.

In all cases, expect the unexpected!


Here is the Full Moon in Capricorn spread:





Interestingly enough, this spread has an emphasis of being emotionally unfulfilled in the recent past. Currently there is a gung-ho attitude within us to overcome all obstacles in order to reach the success that we so desire, a Capricorn trait.

The resistance lies in knowing that we create our life with our thoughts. Being pessimistic is one thing, but being pessimistic without having an inkling of faith and fortitude to resistance having your emotions overtake you is another thing. Though there isn’t much to that makes you optimistic currently, create circumstances that make you optimistic.

Practice gratitude for the blessings that you already have, and those that are sure to come.

The unexpected help is you being social and communicating. Communicate and reach out to others.

The next best action is to stay determined and optimistic for the long haul. It’s only a season that you are down in a rut. Remember the good times? They’ll be back shortly.

The outcome is motion. Action. Get ready for life to unfold, as Pluto is here to refine and  transform.

The extra card, Page of Earth is saying that money is coming, and new lessons are coming.







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