New Moon in Leo ~ July 26, 2014

This New Moon comes just as Congress has made it known that they would like to impeach President Barack Obama from office. Interestingly enough, the President is a Leo, and this is the New Moon in Leo. With Venus and Mercury in the 12th house in our nation’s birth chart, there were secret talks about the value of our president to our country. Apparently he’s being perceived as a rogue President who needs to leave the office. I’m not sure what the specifics are, but if we would compare life (or the dramatic loss of life) in Chicago to his work in the White House, there may be some legitimacy to their claims. I keep getting emails from both sides asking to help them raise $2 million by tomorrow. How does money help with impeaching the President? Both sides are needing millions of dollars from its constituents to handle this matter. Leo is the ruler of the nation’s 2nd house, so are they seeking to find the value of our President…literally?

On a more personal level, this New Moon affects in or or two ways:

1. It helps us gain the confidence to go forward with our plans and succeed.

You have been humble in the midst of your trials and now is the time to seek rewards for your hard work. You should be seeing praise for your efforts soon. Be expectant of great things.

2. It humbles you.

Some of us have huge egos that are unjustifiable. Who are you? Who do you think you are to be running around talking about every Tom, Dick and Harry that you encounter? What makes you think that you are better than anyone when the word that come out of your mouth are degrading to others? Who do you think respects you, really? In my opinion, you are just displaying your deep insecurities and jealousies. Humble yourself, or the world will do it for you.

Changes are afoot and they are happening quickly! Your life is changing. For the past few months, it has seemed like nothing was coming together. Expect changes in the next month to show themselves to you.

There is a call to be optimistic, as things can happen for you in the 11th hour. As I said in the Full Moon in Capricorn post: Expect the unexpected!

On to the New Moon reading…



This New Moon is great in a sense that it puts a match under you behind to get you going. If you are creating, this is a time to resist the temptation to NOT create. Don’t let your talents remain hidden. I also see that you should heal your heart. The first half of the year was a spiritual growth period. You had to learn to balance your energies and go with the flow of things. Find a way to cleanse your heart and spirit. It is necessary for the upcoming period of trusting and letting go of the old, so the new may emerge into your life. The sadness has left residue in your spirit, but it is no longer needed. For the ones that need to be humbled by life, get ready. Your ego and lies will be catching up with you. Congrats!

Being happy emotionally is also necessary for the new love that is coming into your life, be it a person or situation. I see that there will be a meting of the minds for you creative ventures, as well as a meeting with a new person who is trustworthy and honest, unlike what you have encountered this year thus far.


IMG_20140726_115109After cutting the card deck, I looked at the bottom of the deck, and these three cards were there. After picking random cards via shuffling, three cards fell out. They are the same three cards at the beginning of the reading!

The message is to look to the past…your past efforts, your past relationships, etc., and see how this will manifest materially for you in a positive way. I said at the Full Moon that money was coming, so it seems to be coming surely, as the Page is a messenger. Look out for messages via email, text, phone and conversation to see how this luck will manifest.

Have a great August for those who are working hard on themselves to make a better life. For those bah hum bug people…get ready to get kicked in the head…with your foot in your mouth!


P.S.- It feels good to know I am doing something right! Thanks for the love!

@Ms_SunniDaye we love you


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