Full Moon in Aquarius ~ August 10, 2014

It’s the Full Moon in Aquarius! Did you see it in the sky? It was huge! They call it the super moon because of its closer than usual proximity to Earth. It was a lovely sight to see from my neck of the woods.

Aquarius represents the 11th house of social groups, hopes and wishes…how was your new moon two weeks ago? Were you interested in doing something creative? Were you seeking to stand out in order to become part of a group, meaning you wanted them to see you for who you really are?

This full moon period will show you how well you did or didn’t do. How about that ego check? Has someone knocked you down a couple of notches to bring about a more humble person?


Excuse the glare from the photos. I was in complete darkness while reading the cards, with the exception of a candle.

Your optimism has brought you through the trying times, and you know that your vision is correct. Currently, your past hurts are still at the forefront and affecting you emotionally. This can be preventing you from making plans that are logical and balanced. Make your plans with your vision in mind, and allow the emotions that will be with you when your vision materializes stay at the forefront. If you know that you will be ecstatic when your job comes through, stay ecstatic! This creates an environment that is conducive to your goals.

What you also need to know is that  you should really stand up for yourself, by any means necessary.  People should know where you stand about a certain situation.  I see the five of swords as a ruthless fighter who will stand against an army and fight and win. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the five of swords is seen as a man carrying three swords: one belonging to him, and the other two are his enemies. He defeated them by any means necessary and even took their weapons! Think about how this card resonates in your life currently, and see where you need to fight till the there is only you standing.

After your victory, it seems that you feel better and can walk away from those emotions that you have held on to as a response from being upset and not being able to deal with effectively. Let go. It’s the full moon and Goddess will take away your cares and worries.

It’s time to let go of people, groups and situations that no longer serve you. They are only lingering on in your life with no purpose other than to keep you stuck. Let the Universe bring in new opportunities to you that are more aligned with your purpose. The past can’t come in the future. Those people mean you no good. Let Goddess bring you better people and energies to work with that will help you grow along your path.

I am being called to write about the duality of this full moon reading. During the new moon in Leo, I wrote about those egomaniacs needing to be humbled. Well, here is my reading for them:

Your ego has been a problem for some time now, and currently you are getting a wake up call. Your emotions may have been bruised, and now you are seeking a way to get revenge. Resist that urge. You should accept defeat and realize that you are just wrong for the things that you say and do.  Shake off that hurt, grin and bear it…and move on. Now you can see clearly again.



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