Who Cares About Black on Black Crime?


I had to sit back for a couple of days in order to understand the outrage of the death/murder of a black man by the hands of a white man. All of these black people are upset, crying and looting…screaming racism.

What do they have to say about Chicago, Detroit and other cities that are in the news reporting massacres of black people by the hands of black people? Is that not considered a crime? Do we not care about the many grieving black mothers and families that have experienced loss via black on black crime?

Who cares about those situations?Apparently not many black people. Black people fear each other because they know that live amongst each other, and know who the killers are. They choose not to make a big deal out of death and murder for fear of being called a snitch. It’s embedded in our culture.

The problem I have with these negros: You don’t know these black boys that are dying by the hands of a white person, but will go all out protesting and looting so the world knows you despise racism. They want to be on the court steps awaiting the defendant’s verdict. They will be on the news crying about how those former slaves feel about the injustice of this country against blacks.

At the same time, these people are sitting in their homes with the doors locked, waiting for the gunfire to die down. When police come, they know nothing, saw nothing. Outside of their home are bodies on the ground, bloodied. These bodies you grew up with and know who their people are, yet will tell law enforcement that they are clueless. Let the black man who killed those people be free.

If he gets caught by the grace of God, the cry is not about helping the community become less violent, but it’s, ‘Free my nigga.’.

How does the black community get itself right? By ignoring black people so they no longer have someone to blame. Tell on those boys killing your neighbors. Make a big scene out of that. Blame self. Start snitching. Stop hating (fearing) the police. You teach the community to be hard mofos, but the reality is…they will be servants of the judicial system eventually. Bending over and coughing because you have to…is not gangster. Communication versus fighting or killing. I’ve discussed the need for better communication from the black community.

Making up words and thinking you are conversing is false and ineffective, though times like these make me feel some type of way. There are no words to describe it. Maybe you guys can be a light onto this darkness.


Good day!


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