New Moon in Virgo ~ August 24, 2014

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

This is a time is of shedding what is no longer needed in our lives. During this period, great things to do now are: start a diet, clean our space of debris and old clothes and belongings that you have outgrown, find things to do around your community, etc.

It seems the Universe has been preparing us for a new way of living. What once was, can longer be. Refine your life and

Last Full Moon the outcome of that period was the Ace of Wands. This cards mean going off into a new direction after letting go emotionally by any means. Now this period is showing the 5 of Swords as the outcome for the New Moon reading.

This can mean that what you worked on to end something abruptly so that you can begin again in a new direction, which may have tested you mentally, can now be seen.

It seems that a lot of what goes on for this next month deals with the new people coming into your life. Both energies of these people are good and helpful.

Money, being open to the process, and communication is the theme for this month. Since it is the Virgo moon, communication would be at the forefront of all these happenings.

The plans you set in motion previously, may have made you sacrifice your bank account. Taking a risk may have been necessary, and may still be necessary, but don’t go blazing hot off into the unknown just yet. The fact the the unexpected help position is an emotional card, this may mean that your emotions are healing and may allow for you to be open to the opportunities that come your way.

I think that people will come and leave abruptly, so if this is you…at least have a plan of action…


I recommend going with the flow during this time, as changes are occurring in your life suddenly. Have a great week!


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