Goddess Speaks on her Experience

Enjoy, darlings!



I am happy that I made my blog the way I did. You can see my duality, and maybe multiplicity. I have been on Youtube commenting on Tommy Sotomayor’s videos regarding single parents and fatherless men.

It started out, I was being articulate and honestly trying to see if the people replying were going to help everyone else figure out a solution to this tragedy. Wrong! Continue reading

Happy New Moon! September 23, 2014

Merry Meet everyone! Its now Autumn, just in time for the New Moon.

This time around I decided to make a vlog detailing what Goddess and the Angels have to say regarding this time for us all. I hope you enjoy the new format!

There are two videos: Mabon Reading and New Moon in Libra reading. Both readings have a resounding message: Let Go and prepare for your new beginnings. We’ve discussed this in the past few readings, and the Universe is definitely pushing us to go in another direction. May your endeavors be blessed as you move on. Be Blessed! Continue reading

How Are The Vlogs Looking?

Hi guys!

I started doing Youtube vlogging over the weekend, as a way to try something different. I also wanted to put a voice to my words, which is why I will be commenting on the blogs I have written thus far to see how people receive them.

How do you like them? Do you prefer to read or watch. Let me know…

Little Old Me?


As I told you guys in previous post, I had some weird experiences at that one LA fetish scene. Well, it seems that they are doing interstate Intel on me.

I relocated to another state and decided that it would be unfair to generalize all fetish / BDSM groups as a bunch of quacks like the ones I encountered. I decided to introduce myself to the BDSM community in my new…community. lol

The people were great and one lady was extra giggly…a great sign that there would be less drama, as the women are happy.

Well… the place I frequented in LA was mentioned one too many times, and that made me realize that these people already know me! Continue reading

Full Moon in Pisces ~ September 8, 2014

Happy full moon, guys!

How have things changed for you in the past two weeks? Have you abruptly started something new? Have you began to prepare yourself for the new cycle rapidly manifesting in your life?

Things are changing fast, and it is important to keep your faith, especially during this full moon, which I see as a period where faith is need and gratitude is called for. SInce Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, it is important to know that you are coming to the end of a cycle and things must change. The card reading for this full moon is resonating with this notion. Continue reading

Africans in America or African Americans?!


Does it matter?


To  the black people reading my blog ( excuse me for a second, everyone else)…

Do you remember slavery days? Are there vivid memories from the time Massa tore our family apart ( we do it voluntarily now, btw) and caused a cycle in our community that has yet to be broken? Continue reading