Africans in America or African Americans?!


Does it matter?


To  the black people reading my blog ( excuse me for a second, everyone else)…

Do you remember slavery days? Are there vivid memories from the time Massa tore our family apart ( we do it voluntarily now, btw) and caused a cycle in our community that has yet to be broken?

What about those times when we our slave mothers beat us with belts and pieces of wood to keep us in line and to keep us in Massa’s good graces for being such obedient slaves, which in turn caused us to beat our children early on as a way to keep them in line…good, obedient children?

Remember, pretty slave women, how our men never protected us during slavery, for fear of retaliation by his slaveholder? Now we’re here protecting ourselves, for past life knowledge that our men can’t protect us?

These questions aren’t to upset you, but to lead to a deeper question: Why is everything blamed on slavery in the black community?

A pattern that seems to be impossible to break is not to be blamed on the situation in which the event occurred initially, ( in this country, anyway.  Slavery was a big deal back in Africa as well. The leader of the tribes sold their people often…your uncles and cousins, too…so I’ve read.) but on people who generationally expose themselves to the slavery of their forefathers, They were slaves, not you. Some slaves wore better fashions than you. They were just called slaves. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’? How about ‘History repeats itself.’?

It’s true. 

So…I will pretend that I was a slave in 1786 as an illustration.

I was released from my former lover, Massa BWC, and taken into a holding cell down in Mew Orleans. They were careful not to ruffle the fur on my coat, and allowed me to keep my pearls around my neck ( a gift from my ex). The other slave women look nice, as well…wearing shoes and jewelry. One just left with her new…Massa. He’ll take it easy on her.

Now, if this were written in that ONE History book that the school system teaches you with each year during your formal schooling years…there would be less of a dreaded slave mentality in the black community.

If the present slave owners would teach that they can become more than a drug dealer, ho or basketball/football player, things would be different.

There wouldn’t be people posting black and white photos of a Black Wall Street. There would be plenty of Black Wall Streets throughout the USA. Instead, we have the trap houses…and trap music.



Who keeps slavery of the mind going? It’s rhetorical, of course, because we all know that we do. Black people.

Who can change this situation? Don Lemon said white people. ( No specific ethnicity)ID-100269247

Where is the slave ship? Why are Black people partying on it?





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