Full Moon in Pisces ~ September 8, 2014

Happy full moon, guys!

How have things changed for you in the past two weeks? Have you abruptly started something new? Have you began to prepare yourself for the new cycle rapidly manifesting in your life?

Things are changing fast, and it is important to keep your faith, especially during this full moon, which I see as a period where faith is need and gratitude is called for. SInce Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, it is important to know that you are coming to the end of a cycle and things must change. The card reading for this full moon is resonating with this notion.

I even got a jumping card…The Wheel of Fortune. This means that things are turning for the better. Mabon (Fall) is right around the corner, so we can assume that we are literally going with the flow of life. Time for a harvest. Time to change out of those old wine skins and prepare for the new adventures that is calling.

Here is the full moon reading for you:



In the recent past, you are coming out of a dark time and the light is finally shining in your life again. You feel renewed and filled with faith and hope of good things to come. Presently, your life is being shaken to its very core. Nothing can remain the same. What you resist is seeking clarity. Which way to go? You feel good about your direction, but not sure which way the compass is pointing.

The unexpected help is that you do know for sure that your worries are about to be over, or are already subsiding. What you should do is get comfortable being uncomfortable for now, as you must acclimate to your new environment, new friends and new plans. You’ll be seeking out that which created inner peace and happiness in your life. Whatever is missing is bound to show up in your life in the near future.

With your new-found faith and belief in yourself, make decisions based on who you have become after the storms of this summer came blowing into your lives. Those storms came as divine intervention. Some things and people were just not cut out to be in your life for a prolonged period…only a season. Take the lessons you learned and become a better you.

I have to reiterate that this full moon period  makes it necessary for you to make a decision that has far-reaching consequences. Decided with your head and heart in sync.


Have a great week! I’m going to a drum circle tonight to raise some good energy! I’ll send up some prayers for you!




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