Little Old Me?


As I told you guys in previous post, I had some weird experiences at that one LA fetish scene. Well, it seems that they are doing interstate Intel on me.

I relocated to another state and decided that it would be unfair to generalize all fetish / BDSM groups as a bunch of quacks like the ones I encountered. I decided to introduce myself to the BDSM community in my new…community. lol

The people were great and one lady was extra giggly…a great sign that there would be less drama, as the women are happy.

Well… the place I frequented in LA was mentioned one too many times, and that made me realize that these people already know me!

LA is cray, truthfully. The group I was writing about, anyway.

What is the big deal with the BDSM and fetish groups being so obsessed with me? I was simply being my magnificent self. I did my own thing.

I assume these freakazoids are simply jealous of me. How do you start rumors about someone, make people think that you were once a big deal that suddenly fell off and then want others in the community to treat them badly to prove that you have power over them?

I was only a femdom for a few months before I introduced myself to a certain fetish / BDSM group in LA before I stopped everything. After I met with them, my clients seemed like fishy characters and I changed my number and stopped advertising my services online.

I did this to ensure that I would not have more clients coming to my space, as they seemed to be up to something. This caused the group to feel as if they changed my number for me and forced me to stop advertising. No, the guys were no longer a fetish for me. I couldn’t have fathomed having them in my presence.

What’s sad, is that the places I ventured out to were black owned. Yep…black men and their snow bunnies. (We are so separate, it’s ridiculous. I must write a post about how easy it is to manipulate black men…later.)

Neither of those guys had black subs, I don’t think. I assume it was appalling to see a black woman calling herself Goddess. I am Goddess, however, and nothing can change that.

I want to pin the drama on them, as they are the only groups that I really encountered. Both groups played in the same building…same bat time, same bat channel.


So…everyone who came into my life after meeting with these people were somehow connected to the group I was around in LA (NoHo to be exact)

I couldn’t believe the lengths they went in LA to hurt me, but now they are calling Phoenix! They are such guilty dogs! I’m only one person, right?

Am I really a big deal to these crazy people? How far can they go? How desperate to hurt me can they be? How jealous were they? How jealous are they that I little old me?

I only met them this year, and they want to control my life by lying to protect their own sorry selves.

Did I tell you that my nickname is Mula? Yes, and I love Indian food.



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