My First Youtube Vlog!


5 thoughts on “My First Youtube Vlog!

  1. Love the Vlog! Right now, due to recovering from major back surgery, I am able to watch/listen to them. Once I get back to work though, I will be limited to only reading your blogs. Truth be known, I much prefer reading, not just blogs, but news articles also. It is a pleasure to put a face to the writer! Nice to meet ya! Hope your subscribers grow from your Vlog! Have a great day! —- bobette

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  2. This is just a example of why I have always felt that you were a very intelligent young lady. I wish you well in your endeavor to utilize your gifts and intelligence in ways that benefit you and others in a positive and creative manner.


  3. Just watched your first vlog! It was great to hear you speak about your plans. Your blog is so interesting, and I know I’ll look forward to your vlog posts as well. You are very poised on camera and look totally at ease speaking your mind! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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