I am happy that I made my blog the way I did. You can see my duality, and maybe multiplicity. I have been on Youtube commenting on Tommy Sotomayor’s videos regarding single parents and fatherless men.

It started out, I was being articulate and honestly trying to see if the people replying were going to help everyone else figure out a solution to this tragedy. Wrong!

The worst thing a black guy wrote to me was that single mothers were cum dumps who needed to be forced into doing community service if their children were being truant, and take away government assistance.

Tell me how this would help the children? A homeless, bitter woman who has to tote these children around from shelter to shelter…doesn’t seem fair.

You can scroll down and see my comments, as well as others here:

And here:

I’m ticked off. Are Black Americans the only race/ethnicity in the world that can’t free themselves from slavery? Do we always have to rewind when something happens with us and another race, yet deny ourselves that fight for justice when it comes to ourselves? It’s sad that decade after decade, shit gets worse with Black America. Decade after decade ya’ll (excluding myself) still can’t get right?? Why is this?

The way Black men view Black women and their children (isn’t it ironic?) is despicable! Calling Black boys bastard children on a regular basis, telling the little Black girls to get ready to be a stripper ho, and the blatant manipulation between Black women who tear families apart in the guise of being a friend. This is not good.

Who would want to lead Black America? Nobody. Because it’s still a paying gig, the older Black leaders are stepping in, only to perpetuate the race card…ya’ll suck ass. Kiss my dick. I wouldn’t want to lead a bunch of illiterate ignoramuses like you guys either. I’m going to do self-help now…

The new leaders who are trying to help are ridiculed. No one cares. No one can care.

What to do?




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