November Tarot Reading For All Signs ~ Three Videos!

Hi guys!

Happy November!

There are lots of changes occurring and preparing us for the new cycle that has already started in our lives. Check out the video pertaining to your sun, moon and rising sign. I made the videos according to sign quality.

November Tarot Reading for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

November Tarot Reading for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

November Tarot Reading for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn


New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio Tarot Reading

Happy New Moon everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying the new format for my readings. I was kinda steered in this direction, and will just continue to go with the flow for now.

This new moon is really letting us know that we are starting anew and the recent past…well, it wasn’t cool to be given rose colored glasses to wear, thinking that our reality was something other than what it is currently. We are all getting over our disappointments, but now it’s time to move in a new direction…

Have a great Samhain/Halloween season, and I will see you guys in November. In fact, I have decided to do three separate readings for November, one for each quality: mutable, fixed and cardinal.

Thanks for watching!

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October Forecast for Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal Signs

I’ve already posted my reading for October, but I also did one for each sign according to heir quality…might as well post it!



The Black Community and Poverty Consciousness

I just completed a vlog about poverty consciousness and materialism in the black community. All of this buying and selling…no one bothered to buy self-worth. That comes from within. It’s YOU that’s invaluable…not things. Things just cover up your deficit in self-worth if that is the only value you see in yourself and others. What and who you are…not what you have, is the message of this video.  Continue reading


Full Moon in Aries ~ Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

I decided to do a different spread this time around to see the long lasting effects of the lunar eclipse. It usually lasts for about 18 months.  Continue reading


October Monthly Oracle Reading

Happy October!

Enjoy this vlog for all signs according to quality: mutable, fixed and cardinal.


Black Women Solidarity??

I wanted to do this vlog because I really want to know the answer. I didn’t want to make a vlog about hating black women…there are WAY too many of those already online!