Short Story Time ~ Divide and Conquer

‘I need a white girl.’

Obeah was talking to his co-worker, Cuck, who joined him for his lunch break. Both men were handsome, had great positions at their workplace and had a love for one thing…sex. 

‘ I’m so sick of being around black women. I’m tired of going through this. I need a white woman who can understand me as a black man.’ Obeah took a bite of his panini and looked around the deli. He shook his head when he saw a black woman walk in with a baby stroller. She wore sweatpants and a simple tee. The baby was sleeping. She made her way to the deli counter to order a sandwich. Shaking his head, he looks to Cuck, who was busy devouring his vegetable soup and says,’See what I mean? Look at this nappy head. She has no business coming out in public like that. Just raggedy. That’s why a black man screwed her and left her with a baby. She deserved it.’ He takes another bite of his panini. He takes a good look at the baby stroller and notices that she has a son. ‘Her boy gonna end up with a white girl, too. Watch.’

Cuck nearly choked on his soup when he heard Obeah say this. ‘What is with you, dude? Why are you ragging on your women like that?’

Obeah says without blinking, ‘My women? Do you know how bad I’ve been hurt by MY women? They’re too ignorant. No man wants them, in fact you need to do yourself a favor and stay away from them.’

At that moment, Cuck got a text message from his ex-wife, ‘Well…it’s kinda late for that. My ex…who is black, just texted me. She needs me to pick up our boy from soccer practice after work.’

Obeah looks at him with an upset look on his face. ‘ What made you get married to a blackie? Were you desperate?’ Cuck does a couple of yoga breathes before responding. ‘No, I wasn’t desperate. She had qualities that really attracted me to her…and she’s a great conversationalist. We just couldn’t work out because she’s too strong for me. Having been raised by all women, she was taught to be the head, and not the tail. This led to our divorce because her mother told her that she could make more money than me, so why sit at home?’ Cuck looks down at his empty soup bowl, nostalgic to the memories of his marriage gone up in smoke. ‘She went out, got a job, and left me.’

‘What I tell ya? Black women ain’t worth a damn! That’s why I need a white girl. A white girl will save me from them black chicken heads. You’ll never see one on my arm. I’d rather date your daughter. Where she at?’ Obeah laughed at himself, while Cuck texted his ex-wife back, letting her know that he will pick up his son. After he was done texting, he looked at Obeah and said, ‘ You ain’t getting close to my daughter! She’s too young for ya.’ He thinks for a moment, then asks, ‘Hey…I never hear you mention your children. Do you have any?’

Obeah takes a sip of his water, places the cup on the table, breathes in and says,’ Not that I know of…well, actually, I do know that I may have a couple of kids back home, but they are out of luck . I hate their mothers. I hope they’re suffering. Especially Elise. She really wanted me, too. She was too dumb to let me hit it and quit it. It’s her fault that she didn’t make me wear a condom.’

Cuck was sightly disgusted with Obeah’s comments and asked directly, ‘ Well, what makes you think you can do any better with a white woman? It seems like you only play with women. You have children by black women, for crissakes! You don’t care about them?!’

Obeah was taken aback, but said confidently,’ White women love it when I put my penis in them. They worship my BBC. They respect me for my stroke. Black women are only good for making babies, so let them raise their babies by themselves. They can handle it. Strong Black Woman…isn’t that their motto?’

Cuck laughed and with that, both men paid their tab, and headed back to work. Little did they know, the black woman who was pushing her son in the baby stroller heard most of the conversation. She’d already become bitter because she’s heard these things about her while she was pregnant, now here she was…raising a black man.

She found a table to sit at, and brought the stroller close to her. She looked at her baby boy, who had just woke up from his slumber. Her heart wanted to love him dearly, but it was becoming impossible, especially after hearing a black man say such negative things about her, a complete stranger…to a white man!

She leaned in close to her son’s face and looked him in his smiling eyes and said,’ You gonna be just like your daddy…not worth a damn. I’ll make sure if it.’

With that, she threw his blanket over his face and began to eat her lunch.


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