December 2014 Tarot Reading For All Signs

Happy December, everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday.

This month has different things happening for us all. We have everything from an untrustworthy environment, bad friends, to making a decision about a relationship, to figuring out why we are bumping our heads every time we want to find a solution for our issues.

The solution to some of our problems is looking in a different direction, a different occupation, a different environment all together.

Who we thought was for us, is actually against us…this goes for our environment in general…for some of us.

Check the video according to your sun, moon and rising sign to get info on how this month will pan out for you.

I wish you a Happy New Year and a great holiday season!

By the way, I just started a new website for my tarot readings!

Be sure to book a reading for me today!

My readings are for an hour, so you get to ask me all of the questions that you like.

For the New Year, I will be doing an astrology analysis as well as a 30 card tarot spread. I will write everything out so you can have it to look it over throughout the year.

Be blessed!


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