Communication Issues Within the Black Community

If you haven’t seen it yet, I made a video a few weeks ago regarding the black community’s constant fight for civil rights every decade…here it is:

Black People ~ Generational Fight for Freedom? Why?!

Though my video was crude, full of dissent for the ignorance that is in my community, and ranting about the refusal of accountability within the black community…it was hilarious!

I watched it a few times…laughed a lot…but then I realized something:

There is a trend among those who take time out to talk to their people, to empower degrade those people we love, and would like to help with building a functional community.

I don’t understand how a person with the mental aptitude to convey a message to the masses could logically start with the community itself. The lack of understanding, and the brainwashing within the community (edifying the myth that blacks are inferior and should live an angry life…mad at the ‘oppressor’, yet create dissent within yourself and your surroundings) makes it difficult for us to respect each other enough to want to see one or some of us in a better light. How can we rise above the abysmal existence that we so dearly edify? Crime, hoes, niggas, Italian mafia mentality, any mafia mentality, Daddy [not the real daddy], baby mama…etc. This is the mentality of the people. How do songs become our life? Remember this?

Why is it such a compliment to be called a baby mama/baby daddy now?

My point is, how can you reach a people in a tactful way, when you know that their rebuttals on something such as ‘Why are there so many single mothers in the black community? What can we do to help those families who lose their loved ones due to black on black crime?’, would be,’Tell them to keep their legs closed.’, or ‘Why they got so many kids to begin with?’

Ya know, statements that are ignorant and irrelevant. I’ve had many a conversations with people on Youtube while commenting on videos regarding the black community. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I feel that the truth must be said, regardless, rather than everybody just standing there saying nothing and enabling detrimental behavior. Consciousness is life changing.



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