Full Moon in Leo ~ February 3, 2015

Happy Full Moon in Leo, everyone! This full moon reading will be different, as I will actually read from the horoscope what lies within the energies that paint the picture on earth for the next couple of weeks. I’m just trying out new ways of doing things…hope you enjoy!


The Full Moon in Leo is conjunct Jupiter, which is trine the south node and uranus–unexpected meetings with people from the past could be in the works. There is also a square to pluto in capricorn with this full moon, which means that there are some transformative energies surrounding you, and those you encounter.

Saturn is square Venus and Chiron,this full moon not only brings transformation, but also obligations and hard work. There’s lots of work to do! It seems that any love relationship will be long term and fruitful, as Jupiter is sitting so finely next to the Moon in Leo. Lots of luck to Leo’s!
There are two conjunctions within the sign of Pisces: Neptune/Venus and Chiron/Mars. Interesting how this dynamic plays out in the Universe! The full moon is indicating that relationships are prominent at the moment, and there are some obligations with these people you encounter.

Working with the Yin energy, (Neptune/Venus) we are seeing things idealistically and have high hopes, while working with the Yang energy (Chiron/Mars) we experiences lessons that drive us forward, further along our new path. This full moon indicates that we are about to begin the lessons that are necessary to experience and learn for future situations and circumstances.

These experiences will be new, yet we are also going over what we have already learned in the process, as well…thanks to Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. We are seeing the big picture now, as we should, as we are thinking idealistically, especially when it comes to our emotions, at this time.

P.S. ~ Since This Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, Mercury is retrograde, and Mars and Pluto is in the mix…try not to get involved with shady behavior, arguments, car accidents and fights during this Full Moon. People will try to walk out with their chest out this full moon. Be wary of those who want to start trouble…or even old enemies coming back…

Happy Full Moon, everyone!


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