New Moon in Aquarius…Again!

Hi everyone! Happy New Moon!

I really enjoyed interpreting the Full Moon in Leo’s chart, so I think I will do the same for this new moon chart.


As we enter the New Moon in Aquarius,the Sun, Moon and Neptune are conjunct. There are feelings of  high hope optimism, creativity..and some of us are literally walking and living by faith!

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? 

Sun and Moon square Saturn, meaning that there is hard work ahead of us, and we must be sure to be ethical and fair in our dealings with people. Though it is at home in its own sign, Neptune, with its conjunction to the new moon, may leave some of us confused about what direction we should take in our lives. This is a time for you to walk in faith and trust in the process.

There is also the notion that there is going to be new beginnings in creativity for some…I see this new moon as a good omen for the creative types, as Neptune is in Pisces, showing your creativity to the world (New Moon in Aquarius) which allows your light to shine! Good luck with your endeavors!

I wanted to mention that the south node is trine jupiter, so there could be some opportunities for expansion in places and people of the past. Maybe your past efforts are finally paying off, or you finally get your commissions from your sales, if you’re in sales. The Part of Fortune is also trine Saturn, so I would guess that I am right about that…lol

The North Node is in Libra, which means collectively we are shifting and getting used to these new energies that are helping us to evolve as humans. This is a balancing act for all of mankind. We’re figuring out what love is…unconditional love.

Venus and Mars are now conjunct, and both are in Pisces. Where love is concerned, there is a spiritual undertone to it. We are searching for something deeper and more substantial than just the fly by night love, the controlling, uneasy, desperate, and, orgasmic love. This energy is also letting men know that there is also a contemplation between the genders on what it is to be a real man or woman. Men are asking ‘ What is a man? What is his role?’ Women are asking the same thing. Let’s find out, shall we?

Pluto square the south node, which signifies to me that there are going to be abrupt changes occurring that pushes you out of your old way of living, thanks to Uranus conjunct the South Node. If not in a physical sense where you are no longer around the same people and environment that you have outgrown, it could be in a sense that you suddenly discover that your way of living is not for you anymore, and changes must occur in order for you to grow.

Saturn is in Sagittarius and sextile Mercury in Aquarius. This wouldn’t really stick out to me, but I have to mention how I feel about this aspect. I am sensing that we are now on a search for truth that leads to lasting change. Therefore, what we as men and women are discovering about ourselves, will be implemented into our lives and eventually get across to all of us that it is necessary for us as adults to become better adults for the next generation. Time to put on our elder hats and get rid of what it is that is stunting our growth as mankind.

I hope that makes sense to you all. Have a great week!!rates/c7af


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