Full moon in Virgo ~ March 5, 2015

Happy full moon, everyone! This one’s in Virgo, the sign of sinner and saint, attention to detail, criticism, and day to day activities.

This full moon comes just before its ruler goes retrograde, Mercury. This says to me that this is the period to effectively communicate with those around you. Lots of healing occurs via communicating with others this month. The focus this month is communication, as the full moon in Virgo and Mercury retrograde, makes me believe.

In Pisces, Chiron is conjunct the sun, and the sun is conjunct Neptune.
This month is also a healing month for the creative types. This marks a time for healing through the arts…not to get lost in drugs. Be mindful of how you choose to escape reality. The Sun is shining a light on your vices and bad habits at this time.

Some of you could fall in live at first sight at this time, as well…thanks to Uranus and Venus conjoining in the heavens.


There’s a continuation at looking at yourself through the eyes of your mate, with Venus, Mars You are learning and growing with and through someone else, it seems. It seems that some of your partnerships are business related, as both Venus and Mars are in Aries. There is a feeling of trailblazing to your relationships at this time.

Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius, helping us to further examine ourselves as a whole within the boundaries of society. We are nickicking at who we are individually, as well as a whole. What path are we collectively going down?

Also, make sure to watch out for mishaps with electronics. Keep calm and chill out when the internet connection goes down temporarily. No buying anything new…antique and thrift store shopping is a boom during Mercury retrograde. This is also a great time to re-negotiate, replace, re-use, re-cycle, relocate ( only if you signed papers before Mercury went retrograde), and revise your plans and your life in general. You may hear from someone you haven’t heard or seen in years. Reconnecting comes to mind…

Mars square Pluto Alert! There could be clashes, accidents, fights, fatalities, arguments and other mishaps when these two planets come together. Be careful while driving, confronting others, walking ( some people aren’t mindful of pedestrians), and stay out of harm’s way in any way that you can. It’s also the full moon, so for God’s sake…steer clear of trouble!

There seems to be an even flow of energy this month, as there are nearly equal amounts of trines and oppositions, and a few squares. This is a growing month, as the trines help mellow out the oppositions and squares.

Have a great full moon period, and be safe!

Blessed be!


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