God’s Country ( Hail Satan!) ?

Happy Full Moon, guys! Full moons always brings lots of energy along with it…it’s just a matter of how you choose to channel the energy. As above, so below, right?

This full moon, I decided on writing a piece regarding the energies on earth, rather than the energies in the sky. There’s lots of energy on earth right  now that needs to be addressed, so here goes…

I remember growing up in a time when there was prayer in the schools, reruns of Leave it to Beaver, my Three Sons, and other wholesome shows were on television, making it seem like the olden days were the good old days. Interestingly enough, television has changed, as well as people. What happened to God’s Country? Did Satan eat it?

Has society gotten so bad, that we have forgotten the morals that made this country’s ascendants and land so great? How is it now acceptable to be friends with terrible, horrible people who exude the qualities of said type of person? How is it possible for society to accept such things? What on earth, literally…happened here?

The energy is so dense, all the while, people feed into that energy, creating more density that is negative.  I feel that this is a time where we are shifting our consciousness collectively and maybe the spirit within us is struggling to cope…therefore, making it difficult to maneuver about the earth comfortably unless you have grown spiritually.

We are dealing with lower energies, which are lesser energies, which really is pulling people ‘to the other side’, so to speak. Ya know, it’s so bad it’s good…so what energy would appreciate our behavior? So now, all bad behavior is acceptable, because there is a certain energy on earth now that seems to be taking over people’s lives, and once again…morals. Is there no such thing as integrity, maturity, self-control…love…anymore?

What it feels like to me is a fight between good and bad, right and wrong. I remember years ago, less than a decade ago, people would run around playfully saying to their friends, ‘You’re so evil!’ It was a joke, I assume, but their friends took it to heart since they were being patted on the back for such bad behavior, that the only term that fit was evil…

Not so long after that, people were saying, ‘ I know it’s not right, but…’, which enabled them to go ahead and lose their morals and self-control.

Most recently, people have been handing their friends simple, short affirmations to say daily. They usually start with, ‘I’m terrible and horrible…such a bad person.’ Unconsciously, most people don’t know the power of words. So a man speaketh, so is he (she).

I figured out that there was lots of healing that needed to be done when I was doing fetish, which you can read about here. Mind you, i’m a sexually evolved, it was natural to exude that I was well versed in sex, so it was a natural occurrence to feel naturally dominant in that area…though on an intellectual level.

What I witnessed would really confirm for me how much I have grown spiritually and emotionally as a woman. Apparently, I didn’t fit into the group I was a part of, or there were some deep insecurities coming from some veteran of the group, so there was trouble. My assumption was that I would be confronted and told what I was doing wrong, or that I wasn’t welcome…something…anything, mature.

Though I knew that Uranus was in my 10th house along with a jealous Pluto making way in my 6th house…all of the energies in the early part of 2014 were conducive to what was going on below the sky. So I knew that whatever I did to put my self out there would be unexpected and shocking, as well as unexpectedly ending. I also knew that Pluto would have to be a person who was jealous enough to show me who was boss…lol

I knew my first introduction to society in my work life, or career (I am a loner and gypsy woman in a way) would have to be shocking and make all my friends jaw fall to the floor. Going into porn, so to speak, as a femdom was natural, but there are reasons behind people entering into that field. I have Saturn in Scorpio, so that’s my excuse (lol), but there are those who find their family in that world because of similar life paths, as well as similar growth stunts.

I am bringing all of this up because I have healed myself over the decades, and became a better, stronger person spiritually and otherwise. Coming into an environment where that is not so common would be offensive to those who have blatant wounds, yet are glorified for them. Also, when we have life experiences that were traumatic, and don;t heal from them, you stunt your spiritual growth, ,so you stay at a point in life where you are most comfortable. For the people I encountered, I felt like I was REALLY experiencing everything about y Saturn return in Scorpio. I was met with immaturity, jealousy, betrayal, bad empty sex, gossip, lies, almost death…all because of who I am as a person. I could not relive what I have already lived through and healed in order to appease a group, especially those sex people. I was, and am better than that, and they really proved to me that I have the ability to move groups of people, and make them conscious, even if it hurts them to the point theta they are angry with me. I can’t apologize for spiritual growth and wisdom, nor will I apologize for knowing myself.

Also, I am sensing that this is also the energy in the ‘vanilla’ world. You guys are so over-sexed because some are hurting so bad, that sex is the only way to feel…and also it is being edified by your peers that sex is power, control and…EVERYTHING! This is destroying your sense of self. Some of you are becoming your own worst enemy because you refuse to stop detrimental behavior for the sake of the group, or peers. This makes you angry.

I would be angry as well, if I had to accept that people blatantly call their children names that pornstars haven’t even heard yet, if I had to say I was a really bad person and love it, and if I just had to keep going no matter what into this way of thinking. i would be furious. I feel you on that. I guess I am just as pissed because I have endure being around people like this on a regular basis, and I know you are not happy.

You guys need to grow spiritually and come closer to good…right…and God. Whatever it is that is making you want to conform to this dysfunction and density needs to come to a halt so you won’t stay in a state where is most comfortable…and detrimental to you on all levels. Love yourself. Love others…or an animal. Self-control is the coolest thing yet, so get some. Switch it up a bit and start saying how GOOD you are. Go Negroidian…’I’m good like a mofo.’ It’s naturally hip.

Whatever it takes for you to get good, uplifting words into your psyche…do it. Say it.  I love you. Love yourself. If you’re angry, channel it into something beautiful. Pray more. Know right from wrong. If you know it ain’t right…don’t do it. Become conscious of your actions. Feel more. Cry more. Do something to change this energy because it is imperative that the next generation to have hope in people. They are going to be our age soon, and what would we have taught them?

Let’s grow up and be grown ups for the next generation. Let’s be good and do good. Happy full moon!

Note*** We are just coming out of Saturn (tests, time, restriction) in Scorpio ( sex, death, deep emotions) and now coming into Saturn in Sagittarius (truth, learning, Jupiter) . This means that we were being tested to see if we had self-control over our sexual urges, if we were mature enough to handle power and our emotions.

Saturn in Sagittarius is now testing us to see if we know our own truth. Are we willing to be uncomfortable in order to learn from life, or rebel against it. This also speaks of higher truths. What God are you serving? Do you need to find a God and hang on to it for dear life?

Things to ponder…


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