The Confederate Flag Conspiracy

Hi guys! I’m not an avid news watcher anymore, but today I saw online an article about the South Carolina massacre, and how that somehow equated to the Confederate flag being the culprit of the whole damn thing. I hope all of those who were murdered rest in peace and their families have comfort at this time. I pray justice shall be served in this matter.

I read several articles, but I am not sure if I am getting how the Confederate flag caused this massacre. I thought it was a crazy white person who was in a hateful state of mind, and found an opportunity to do a dirty deed, not a historical flag that has other meanings than hate and separation, which is why it has still been flying on the capitol building, and elsewhere.

I understand that the Confederate flags has racist connotations to some or most people, but to some people it’s a symbol of pride, for both black and white people. I had a Confederate flag sticker on my old Ford Explorer. I’m a Southern girl and a rebel, ya know?


Having had this news article to my attention, I decided to go on a little rant about heritage and the Confederate flag. Though this manner has all races involved, I found that this is a great time to share my perspective on the African American’s view towards the flag and how it has led to us placing the focus on the negative aspects of slavery and how it is has also led to the refusal to acknowledge our ancestors in a better light…which has led to generational blame on others for our trials and tribulations, further pushing the belief that we are still slaves.


I think the Confederate flag issue came up at an opportune time for politics, not a racial matter. I still can’t understand how taking a flag down will solve racial issues. How can taking that flag down make black people act more civil towards one another?

Why is it that Americans feel that it is okay to devalue and criminalize a flag that was symbolic during slavery times? How is it not possible for black Americans to not have a strong sense of pride when it comes to the American Confederate flag? Why is it easier to embrace an African flag, in which you have never stepped foot on?

The problem and solution to this whole repetition of this generational cry for freedom lies in the perception of the daily lives of your ancestors during slavery times. How could it have been any different than now, if the patterns that are displayed in the community are generational?

I’m sure that blues music roots starting while picking that big cotton. Isn’t music our bIiss and way of spreading oral history, to share our hardships? How is trap music not a reflection of our trials and tribulations? If blacks in prison can create alcohol and drugs, who’s to say that it wasn’t done in the slave shack?

If blacks are complacent and are comfortable in large community settings, like projects and prisons, how could slavery times have been so bad? Isn’t it easier to get a black thug to listen to a correctional officer than it is to be out in the free world,  avoiding simple rules such as jaywalking?


How about we see the confederate flag as an extension of our heritage, than a mockery of it. Let’s turn it into the n-word. It’s only appropriate when blacks say it, otherwise you have to use slang.

What blacks fail to realize is that their ancestors have yet to be acknowledged for their contibutions, only their hardships.

How is it that the black community can only see disdain for their Southern heritage? That’s practically where the agriculture is great and their are black folks aplenty. There are chitlins being cooked there, as well as other down home favorites that were created where? In a slave kitchen…all under the Confederate flag.

The nerve of those black students in California who raised hell because the lunch menu for black history month consisted of fried chicken and yams.

Who doesn’t like fried chicken and yams? Everything is racist to blacks because their own minds are messed up…

How afraid is the black community afraid of their American culture, that it even denies what they cook every night?

As for South Carolina, I’d say that that flag has been there for years as a symbol of pride. Why not grab some pride, Southerners?


2 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag Conspiracy

  1. Thank you for writing this article.
    I am Dutch Indonesian and was born and raised in California, but my step relatives and a lot of my friends are all from the south.
    To them, the confederate flag has nothing to do with racism, but a lot to do with southern history and rebellion instead.

    I am actually a little upset on how the media and politicians have twisted this thing up sooooo bad! And to add insult to injury, all the uneducated responses agreeing with said organizations

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  2. Ps- the reflection about the mindset in modern times also shared some great questions, not only with the African American community, but with many others too- i have to say I relate to a lot f the same questions you shared in your post…

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