Open Letter to The Black Community Leaders

Hello everyone! I am being of service to Mother Earth at the moment, but wanted to take time out to write a letter.

You see, I have been online during my off hours talking with black people of the ‘conscious’ variety. From black community leaders to black Judah Israelites(?), these people have pissed me off. I can’t have an intelligent dialogue with these people due to the fact that they want to tell me that I am not from America, I don’t know my ‘history’,white supremacy ruined black lives, and most of all…’they don’t want us to know…’

All of this upset and frustration trying to talk to my own people online logically to no avail made me ponder: What is the root issue here that these guys get mad at me if I tell them that 2+2=4? They would argue me down and tell me that the white man wants me to believe that 2+2=4 but it actually equals Africa.

Who did this to my people?

I had to meditate on it and came to the conclusion that it’s the leaders who are brainwashing my people, leaving them deaf, dumb and blind to what our reality is…it’s what WE create, not some outside entity

First of all what in the heck has been going on since the FIRST Civil Rights Movement?

Here’s a rough timeline:


-The Black Panther Party was founded to make black people feel powerful, yet they encouraged their followers to know that they were a doomed people for revolting. It worked.


The birth of blaxploitation films were, inspiring young black men and women to be hoes, pimps and drug dealers. That worked, as well.


-The Black Powerless Movement must have led to mental confusion and a need to escape, therefore our leaders placed drugs in our community, but blamed white people, further dis-empowering their people who lived in projects and ghettos across the country. Some black folks actually profited from the drug trade, which deemed them successful in the eyes of their people, as well as people to be feared…leading to the current fear of snitching on the block leaders. Also, so many crack babies came out of this period, that our black leaders tried to convince educators that black children needed a different kind of education, as regular education for every other race of child, was not fit for their black minds Damn.


– The birth of gangster rap and music that devalued black women. This is also the time when black men started to sag, and deemed it ‘prison chic’, and black women started dressing like boys, confusing both sexes, which led to black women being led to believe that they could be BOTH the mother and the father to a child and a man was merely a ‘baby daddy’ (those are actual song lyrics that came to life),and leading men to think that thug life’s where it’s at.

Gangs became more prominent due to the sensationalized music that has killed more black people than any ku klux klan has ever killed.

This worked terribly well…


Who has beef? Rappers do. The images of black men hating each other of minuscule things led to the black community being angry at one another as well..(Watch my shoes, or you gonna get got.) There was major loss of respect for black life during this time and even before this time period. No wonder we created #blacklivesmatter. We needed that reminder.

The beginning of trap music. Trap music is music that glorifies drug dealing. Don’t forget, these people are glorified in our community.

When it comes to relationships, black men and women are more separate than ever i have sat back for over a decade listening to black men tell the world that they desire other races of women, while black women have gotten more desperate than ever to please a black man that they have gone all out and basically exploited themselves,while the black man ridicules them for it, yet they simply wanted their men’s attention.

Black women are imploding before our eyes. How else can you explain the abortion rates (why bother creating another one?) and the strippers with butterfly wings on their booty?



-Currently, things are cyclical. It’s as if there are no leaders, just enablers in our community.

I mention music a lot because…well, life imitates art. Any rapper could tell you this. Why is black life what the rappers says it is…when there are black community leaders…leading???


What are you guys doing? How effective are you guys to have yet another second coming of the Civil Rights movement?How far have we come,because of you, that we still think back to the old slavery days? How far have we come in becoming a close knit community that we falsely portray when a white   man kills one of our people, when those blacks’ who feel that they are awake and conscious call their people coons,niggers, slaves and other atrocious, painful words? What are you doing with your authority? Helping the drug trade along?

Who is REALLY oppressing black people? Black people…our black leaders. They have led us to believe that an effective leader will be assassinated in hopes that they can live long, because they are horrible, yet experts in manipulating the mind of my people. That’s so wrong.

I have been pondering how America can logically accept Black America’s whining about injustice, yet at the same time, we are ‘consciously’ creating violent offenders in our community through thought, word and deed. Right off the heels of this #blacklivesmatter phenomenon, we are also dealing with #1000days100nights, a contest put on by gang members in Los Angeles to see who could kill the most people in retaliation of a Crip being killed.

This is the product of bad black leadership. Why don’t you guys have a seat, so more effective leaders can do a better job at building up our back community Surely their black leadership would know a thing or two about affirmations and creative visualization. Why must you push old sad images of blacks with welts on their backs due to being beaten during slavery, when black on black crime is a TOTAL problem? Why would you drill it in your followers’ heads that they are doomed because the white man took everything, yet at the same time…thousands of years ago, we were powerful. That ain’t now. Present moment, black leaders, present moment.

Speaking of hashtags, must black leaders lead my people astray with #TBT every decade?

I really feel that we should unlearn whatever these black community leaders are drilling in our heads and start thinking realistically. Why daydream about a time we were never born or never experienced?Why keep anger in our hearts for another race, yet take it out on our own?

Do our current black community leaders really love us, or just want to control us?

I feel that we should really show our leaders what they taught us over the years, and tell them to get down with reality…or lay down. That’s gangster…just how they like it. #blacklivesmatterOK?


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to The Black Community Leaders

  1. This article went from Israelites to gangsta rap and I do not see the connection. I am an Israelite. If you want an intelligible conversation than you can reach out to me via email


    • Thanks for taking the time to read my article.

      I think what happened with your reading, is I started by speaking of my disdain for people who claim that they are conscious black people, deny their American heritage, blame other races for their failures,but do nothing but contribute to it.

      I have spoken with plenty of black conscious types who just try to convert me to their way of thinking, versus helping me understand. Thanks!


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