Changing Course in Black America

As 2016 gets underway, I am perturbed to find out that there has been over 100 injuries and 17(and counting) murders in Chiraq (Chicago). What gives? Didn’t Spike Lee just make a movie to bring attention to the crisis there? What happened?

I feel that there’s some tainted wisdom in the hearts and minds of Black America, which causes them to act like this. Maybe they feel that their actions are correct, and no movie or protest will stop them from seeking their own form of justice. I don’t think that it’s irreversible, but I do feel a change in thought and perception is needed.

A few thought came to me that I would like to share with you guys: Continue reading

Ebb and Flow

My ears entice me to look out of my window upon hearing

a sweet bird singing atop a pine tree branch,

whose luster remains in the dead of winter…

as with the earth in which it is rooted





from my cabin roof, I become one with the misty rain.

My thoughts become as still as the bay

sitting in the background





As I am one with the rain, I become one with the




of the bay.

I now have clarity.

I think of my future, and am reminded that life-

Can be wrought with rainy days,

But there’s still a song to sing and

A beautiful future to web…




With the tides of life.

Gayle L Jenkins