Changing Course in Black America

As 2016 gets underway, I am perturbed to find out that there has been over 100 injuries and 17(and counting) murders in Chiraq (Chicago). What gives? Didn’t Spike Lee just make a movie to bring attention to the crisis there? What happened?

I feel that there’s some tainted wisdom in the hearts and minds of Black America, which causes them to act like this. Maybe they feel that their actions are correct, and no movie or protest will stop them from seeking their own form of justice. I don’t think that it’s irreversible, but I do feel a change in thought and perception is needed.

A few thought came to me that I would like to share with you guys:

Let the past go, and let the ancestors rest. We have lots of history to make in the present moment. Therefore, our thoughts should be centered on these things. The current environment in the Black community and in American society can and will change once the minds of the people are changed. Perception is everything. How we view the past has an effect on our consciousness and how we perceive our present-day life in America.

I feel that if our youth can appreciate their American history, even broadening their knowledge of their ancestors lives via book reading…the anger and resentment that is attached to that time period can be released, and there will be no need to keep inheriting those emotions, generationally. Black Americans should be just as ahead, if not further than their 1st and 2nd generation immigrants who have to deal with 1st and 2nd generation issues. Blacks shouldn’t be stuck on their 1st and 2nd generation ancestors’ issues. We’re beyond that, right?

Obviously, there has to be some truth from the teachings of pro-blacks who preach about the greatness of our race in history, and how we have information stored in our skin (melanin), how we are the first race created, how our accomplishments throughout history have been magnificent, though marred, destroyed or desecrated by other races for their own self-interest.

The truth is: We are a great people. Our creativity, passion and resilience is what keeps us relevant in America and a mainstay in media and social worldwide.

What’s false is: We are not our ancestors, and have no need to keep the emotions that were imprinted during their servitude in our psyche or our lives…or our teachings, quite frankly.  I think this is my main issue with pro-black teachings, otherwise, I feel that the knowledge they share is invaluable. Their knowledge feeds the people. My people.

Carrying on the hardships of ancestors’ long past is insulting to both our ancestors and present-day Black America. It is self-destructive to associate yourself to the past. Emotions that weren’t created in the present moment, but passed down like oral history, in my opinion, is the reason for the current repressed anger and victim mentality of the Black community. These repressed emotions are sparked at the inkling of an injustice done to a Black person. It’s like a subconscious reflex to protest and fight.

In regards to the present day protests by Black Americans who feel that there has been injustices and police brutality, they should continue to fight and voice their opinions on the fact the police are becoming more brutal towards American citizens, and they won’t stand for it. There is nothing good about rogue cops who think that they are God, and people should protest to get their point across.

With the birth of gangster rap and Black community trends in thinking that civil disobedience is ‘cool’, it has been tough to see how Black though is not accountable for police officers seeing Black men and women as threats to them. Obviously, we can’t deny personal responsibility, right?

Logically when you change your thoughts, you change your life, so why not be better citizens? Aren’t we Black? Black is gifted. Black is to be admired. Look at the world. All you see is black culture…in nearly EVERY culture so why not be the best citizen, person, husband, wife, etc.?

The world will emulate us for better or worse because we’re hip like that


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