Martin Luther’s (sic) Dream


As my homage to Black History Month, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr., I am posting this poem from my new friend that I met via snail mail. An inmate by the name of David Spicer in Colorado. He’s an intelligent man who understands his mistakes and is very articulate in expressing his views. I guess time does do a body,mind and spirit some good.

I really appreciate him for replying to my letter, as I am very adamant about getting to the root of the problems with the stigma attached to Black men in thinking that jail and prison is cool. The trend must stop in order for us to get better, and I feel that his poem is aiming at my target perfectly.

Thanks, David.

Enjoy, everyone!


Martin Luther’s (sic) Dream

He paid the price with his life

How many do you know that would make

That sacrifice? If he could speak

Now about the dream, I’m sure he

would scream. Black on Black

crime at an all-time high. Why does any

Black child has to die?

We used to die for the dream and

The freedom to speak. Now we

Just die over Air Jordan sneaks.

When will we stop being dope fiends…

Wanna be Kings and Queens,

and really start living

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

~ King David


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