Open Letter to The Black Community Leaders

Hello everyone! I am being of service to Mother Earth at the moment, but wanted to take time out to write a letter.

You see, I have been online during my off hours talking with black people of the ‘conscious’ variety. From black community leaders to black Judah Israelites(?), these people have pissed me off. I can’t have an intelligent dialogue with these people due to the fact that they want to tell me that I am not from America, I don’t know my ‘history’,white supremacy ruined black lives, and most of all…’they don’t want us to know…’

All of this upset and frustration trying to talk to my own people online logically to no avail made me ponder: What is the root issue here that these guys get mad at me if I tell them that 2+2=4? They would argue me down and tell me that the white man wants me to believe that 2+2=4 but it actually equals Africa.

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The Confederate Flag Conspiracy

Hi guys! I’m not an avid news watcher anymore, but today I saw online an article about the South Carolina massacre, and how that somehow equated to the Confederate flag being the culprit of the whole damn thing. I hope all of those who were murdered rest in peace and their families have comfort at this time. I pray justice shall be served in this matter.

I read several articles, but I am not sure if I am getting how the Confederate flag caused this massacre. I thought it was a crazy white person who was in a hateful state of mind, and found an opportunity to do a dirty deed, not a historical flag that has other meanings than hate and separation, which is why it has still been flying on the capitol building, and elsewhere.

I understand that the Confederate flags has racist connotations to some or most people, but to some people it’s a symbol of pride, for both black and white people. I had a Confederate flag sticker on my old Ford Explorer. I’m a Southern girl and a rebel, ya know?


Having had this news article to my attention, I decided to go on a little rant about heritage and the Confederate flag. Though this manner has all races involved, I found that this is a great time to share my perspective on the African American’s view towards the flag and how it has led to us placing the focus on the negative aspects of slavery and how it is has also led to the refusal to acknowledge our ancestors in a better light…which has led to generational blame on others for our trials and tribulations, further pushing the belief that we are still slaves.


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‘Sorority Sisters’ Cancellation: The Educated Black Woman’s Psyche

I know that this is a blatantly late post about the cancellation of ‘Sorority Sisters’, but since I just wrote about black women and our solidarity issues, this is a good time to address my thoughts on such a shameful episode in black history.

If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s a synopsis from VH1:

Sorority Sisters follows the lives of “sorors” from four different Atlanta sororities. Unlike most white sororities, African-American sorors pledge for life and are expected to continue with community work long after graduation.

With this fierce loyalty comes intense rivalry among the sisters of the different organizations. From long-awaited reunions and high teas, to managing the men in their lives, it’s homecoming all across the ATL! Our ladies have a lot at stake, from maintaining their image in the community to holding down the bonds and legacies of their sororities.

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Black Women and Solidarity ~ Part 2

This post is a continuation of my first post, Black Women and Solidarity, which is a post questioning the validity in such a statement that we, as black women, have each others backs and are for each other. In that post, I brought up a couple of experiences in which, I was rejected and blocked from voicing my opinion and asking questions to black women, by black women. I had two experiences which I detailed in the post, and I couldn’t understand why I was received so negatively by those black women. It was puzzling, so I had to vent and write about it.

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The Black Community and Poverty Consciousness

I just completed a vlog about poverty consciousness and materialism in the black community. All of this buying and selling…no one bothered to buy self-worth. That comes from within. It’s YOU that’s invaluable…not things. Things just cover up your deficit in self-worth if that is the only value you see in yourself and others. What and who you are…not what you have, is the message of this video.  Continue reading





There are so many children in foster homes, behavioral centers, group homes, alternative schools. Society shun these children and call them throwaways. How disheartening. It is amazing how twisted society is to think that children who are abused and neglected are throwaways. They aren’t. Theses children are abused and neglected. How can you make the victim the culprit? How can one sit and make a child, who later becomes an adult, feel like he/she has done something wrong?

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