Changing Course in Black America

As 2016 gets underway, I am perturbed to find out that there has been over 100 injuries and 17(and counting) murders in Chiraq (Chicago). What gives? Didn’t Spike Lee just make a movie to bring attention to the crisis there? What happened?

I feel that there’s some tainted wisdom in the hearts and minds of Black America, which causes them to act like this. Maybe they feel that their actions are correct, and no movie or protest will stop them from seeking their own form of justice. I don’t think that it’s irreversible, but I do feel a change in thought and perception is needed.

A few thought came to me that I would like to share with you guys: Continue reading


New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio Tarot Reading

Happy New Moon everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying the new format for my readings. I was kinda steered in this direction, and will just continue to go with the flow for now.

This new moon is really letting us know that we are starting anew and the recent past…well, it wasn’t cool to be given rose colored glasses to wear, thinking that our reality was something other than what it is currently. We are all getting over our disappointments, but now it’s time to move in a new direction…

Have a great Samhain/Halloween season, and I will see you guys in November. In fact, I have decided to do three separate readings for November, one for each quality: mutable, fixed and cardinal.

Thanks for watching!

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Africans in America or African Americans?!


Does it matter?


To  the black people reading my blog ( excuse me for a second, everyone else)…

Do you remember slavery days? Are there vivid memories from the time Massa tore our family apart ( we do it voluntarily now, btw) and caused a cycle in our community that has yet to be broken? Continue reading

New Wine Skins




I’ve up and left. I’m not coming back. I hated it there, now I want to be everywhere…in search of happiness.

Early this week, I decided to go away. I weighed all of my pros and cons, and decided that it was time for me to get back to my center.

Never have I been in a place long enough to know people. I’m usually the stranger that will be gone any day now…never to be seen again. Continue reading

New Moon in Virgo ~ August 24, 2014

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

This is a time is of shedding what is no longer needed in our lives. During this period, great things to do now are: start a diet, clean our space of debris and old clothes and belongings that you have outgrown, find things to do around your community, etc.

It seems the Universe has been preparing us for a new way of living. What once was, can longer be. Refine your life and

Last Full Moon the outcome of that period was the Ace of Wands. This cards mean going off into a new direction after letting go emotionally by any means. Now this period is showing the 5 of Swords as the outcome for the New Moon reading.

This can mean that what you worked on to end something abruptly so that you can begin again in a new direction, which may have tested you mentally, can now be seen.

It seems that a lot of what goes on for this next month deals with the new people coming into your life. Both energies of these people are good and helpful.

Money, being open to the process, and communication is the theme for this month. Since it is the Virgo moon, communication would be at the forefront of all these happenings.

The plans you set in motion previously, may have made you sacrifice your bank account. Taking a risk may have been necessary, and may still be necessary, but don’t go blazing hot off into the unknown just yet. The fact the the unexpected help position is an emotional card, this may mean that your emotions are healing and may allow for you to be open to the opportunities that come your way.

I think that people will come and leave abruptly, so if this is you…at least have a plan of action…


I recommend going with the flow during this time, as changes are occurring in your life suddenly. Have a great week!

New Moon in Leo ~ July 26, 2014

This New Moon comes just as Congress has made it known that they would like to impeach President Barack Obama from office. Interestingly enough, the President is a Leo, and this is the New Moon in Leo. With Venus and Mercury in the 12th house in our nation’s birth chart, there were secret talks about the value of our president to our country. Continue reading

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 12, 2014

Well now. This full moon is stern, isn’t it. How are your emotions going? are you more pessimistic than usual? Do you want to figure out why your life your life is the way it is? Impatient much? Is your career in a flux and you want to know when things will balance themselves out? Get ready for guidance in the next two weeks, as this full moon will shed light on this area in your life. Continue reading

New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27, 2014

How ironic is it that I write a post about pregnancy and mothers on the eve of this New Moon? This moon is in Cancer, which rules home, mother and family.

I wasn’t thinking about what sign the moon was in while writing, it was just in sync with the Universe. Astrology is amazing. I taught myself how to read my birth chart about a decade ago, and I find it to be a great map for your quest.  Continue reading

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Friday 13, 2014

Happy Full Moon, readers! It’s not so bad, actually. I feel great anyway…

This month’s full moon is in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and so much fun! I love Sagittarians for their sense of humor and expertise in having fun. They’re the perfect people to party with, as with all fire signs. Continue reading