Open Letter To White Community Leaders

As I sit and ponder the behaviors of those in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I am forced to see a new perspective. The coin has now been flipped over and I see what they are fighting against. It’s like a Saturn/Uranus opposition going on in this country. The old ways are dying out, but not without a fight. The old white ways of thinking are becoming archaic, but the old establishment doesn’t see it this way. They want to hold on to their old ways of doing things to Black people, without seeing the reality of the progress of this country’s people. We blend together, co-habitate, love, pro-create with one another…it’s been this ways for a long while now.

Since I asked this question, I have seen a new perspective on the problems in the Black community, and the ways the current generation of Black people act out in order to be heard and gain rights.

The problem with the Black community, and America…is the old ways of thinking and doing things socially, is becoming archaic.

I am speaking of both the Black and White community. So I rant about the old Black community leaders who think it’s fine to play victim and reenact the old images we saw in the 60’s , sans the water hose…without seeing how older White people are contributing to this sad shit. The old white ways of thinking is dying out, as well, so they are holding on to their beliefs by a thread.television shows and networks owned or created by Black people…


The progress is insulting to them, so they are trying their best to keep the images in their head of what our people USED to be. It’s no more. We are the descendants of those who fought for our rights, and we are doing well with it. We’re on television, portraying ourselves as ourselves with no apology. There’s no more insecurity when it comes to our natural hair, and we rock it boldly,as it unique, unlike any other human’s hair.

I also believe that the trauma that’s going on in Chicago is because the Black community is going through growing pains and we’re at our breaking point, changing hands of power in all areas of our community, clashes in ways of thinking between our people is causing chaos, but I believe it’s a temporary situation that will fix itself once the old ways win. It’s like a Saturn/Uranus opposition playing out before our eyes.

To the White Community Leaders:

What are you guys thinking? Slavery has been over for hundreds of years now. The hierarchy of the old White establishment is dying out, but you are still hanging on by a thread to your old ways of thinking.

What is it that you are seeing in today’s society that makes you think it’s okay to have a mentality of a slave owner from the 1600’s? It’s archaic and has no place in today’s society or today’s business relationships. I mention business, as I suddenly began to think of the entertainment industry and what you insist be the model for Black art: all the thing that we are looking to eradicate from our community

It may look to you that your descendants are infiltrating our culture, when in fact, it’s the other way around. I’ll put in a way that you will understand:

During slavery, Africans were forced to assimilate to your ways of living: your ways of speaking, worship, slave/master mentality, etc. We are the descendants of those who you still have a hard on for to this day. As a people, we’ve done extraordinarily well considering the circumstances our ancestors endured in order for people like me to be able and write you this letter in 2016.

The current generation of white people willingly assimilate to our ways of living: our dress, our ways of speaking ,our dance, our style, our skin color via tanning, etc.

Obviously, you guys think we’re pretty hip and inspiring, so just admit it. Your kids admit it, and even confuse you with their hood mentality. What are you holding on to? A memory? Memories of a time when you were Master and Mistress…Cracker (he which cracks the whip) Extraordinaire…?

Are you holding on to these things to protect your manhood and protected womanhood respectively?

Not sure if you’re hip to reality, but that’s long gone. If you want to know where your masculinity went, it went when you guys decided to be cuckolds and BBC worshipers. It went when your women decided to embarrass you publicly by saying they desire my sons over their own. It went when Oprah stole your hearts and inspired you to be better individuals.

It went away forever when Black people decided to love you. Love is powerful, but people can get offended by it when it doesn’t come in the package they expect. Like life, we must deal with it.

The current generation of white people are trying to telling you that the old way is dead. Black people are 100% human and free. We are wild, creative, intelligent, ingenious. What’s the crime in that?

Out with the old, because it is nearly gone anyway, and in with the new. The new has been growing in America like a mulatto baby in a Black woman’s womb. Almost time to deliver, so you might as well get the balloons and gifts together to welcome a New America!




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